Siren song of the counter culture

My dad is such a homophobe. He said being gay must be a “sickness of the mind”. I don’t agree one bit, I can’t see anything wrong with it, so I fought him on it. But I must have fought him too hard because, long story short, he now genuinely thinks I’m a lesbian.

Although that riles me too. Just because I’m voicing my opinion, and standing up for the rights of gay people, it does not automatically make me gay. You don’t have to fall from the top of a ten story building to know it’s going to hurt, just as you do not have to fall in love with someone of the same sex to know that you can. To know that it’s every bit as real as falling in love with someone of the opposite sex. You can empathise, feel for them, and stop being so narrow-minded. I kind of wish it was true, just so he would accept it. 

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